At Ocean Energy Industries, developing new products, enhancing and refining existing machines is an essential part of the business.

Ocean Energy Industries is a closely held corporation registered in Florida, USA. Founded in 2009 by WaveSurfer inventors Robert Bado and Dr. Artem Madatov with the purpose of commercializing the WaveSurfer technology that was under development since 2000.

After several years of extensive numerical modeling and analysis, the WaveSurfer pilot system was for the first time tested in 2002 at the testing grounds of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, National Academy of Science of Ukraine. All generations of WaveSurfer technology from its inception until 2014 have been tested in close cooperation with the the Marine Hydrophysical Institute.

In 2002 a number of tests was successfully conducted at the grounds of the University of the South Pacific, Suva Campus, Fiji.

Over the years the WaveSurfer technology has transformed from an original idea to a fully developed market-ready system.

WaveSurfer is commercially available since 2009 when the first units were installed at the Avacha project site.

To date Ocean Energy Industries has installed the world's largest operational wave energy capacity of over 40 MW, including the world's largest power farm, Avacha project with more than 32 MW of WaveSurfer capacity.

Ocean Energy Industries, its subsidiaries and affiliates design, manufacture and install several direct-drive gearless ocean energy and hydropower devices based on the proprietary Submersible Annular Generator (SAG).